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Montgomery County Criminal Defense Lawyer

Facing criminal charges in Montgomery County is a terrifying experience. Your entire life can be disrupted by the charges, and if you get convicted, then you face even more severe consequences. You could be put in prison, be ordered to pay hefty fines, have a criminal record that could impact your employment and housing prospects, and more. Criminal cases are often complex, and you need the assistance of Montgomery County criminal lawyers to get your charges reduced or dismissed. 

Our criminal defense attorney at Napier Law Firm, can use their experience to build a strong defense against criminal charges. We offer legal services in various areas of criminal law and will fight to protect your rights.  

What to Expect After Being Arrested in Montgomery County 

Following your arrest, you will be taken to a police station for processing. Once the complaint has proceeded, you will be scheduled to appear in a preliminary hearing, where a judge will decide if there is enough evidence against you to proceed to the next phase of the criminal prosecution process.  

The next phase is the arraignment hearing, where you will be formally charged with the crime and notified of your rights. You will also be required to enter a plea of not guilty, guilty, or no contest. 

This will be followed by the pre-trial phase, where all parties are allowed to file pretrial motions such as a request for discovery. After this, your case will go to trial. The trial will be held before a jury or judge, who will hear the case and render a judgment. There are other legal processes in criminal cases, including bail hearings, plea bargaining, and more. Our Montgomery County criminal defense lawyers can provide you with more details about legal proceedings after being arrested. 

You must immediately contact an attorney and don’t share any details with anyone until your attorney arrives. Try to stay calm, as being arrested doesn’t mean that you will get convicted. Criminal defense attorneys can also get your bail so your jail time might only be temporary.  

Defense Strategies to Criminal Charges

The defense strategy depends on several factors, including the type of criminal charges against you and the evidence available in the criminal defense case. Your attorney will analyze different aspects of the case to guide you on your best legal options. 

The most common criminal defense strategies include self-defense, a strong alibi, insanity, no probable cause, violation of constitutional rights, and more. In some cases, you could also use an expired statute of limitations to get the case against you dismissed. However, some types of violent crimes have no statute of limitations so this defense won’t apply to all charges. 

Your attorney can also challenge the procedures used by authorities to arrest you and collect evidence. If your legal team can prove errors with the procedure, then the evidence gathered from it could be deemed inadmissible in court. This can be a major boost to your defense against criminal charges. 

Importance of a Swift Response  

Time is of the essence in criminal defense cases. One of the key benefits of taking timely action is that you can gather and preserve evidence that supports your case. Evidence such as surveillance footage might only be available for a limited time, and if you delay taking action you may no longer be able to recover such evidence. The credibility of eyewitness testimony can also fade over time. 

Another reason for a swift response is to demonstrate to the opposing legal team that you are ready to fight for your rights. If you plan on entering into negotiations with the plaintiff, then an aggressive approach can allow you to get a more favorable outcome. 

With a timely response, you can also reduce your financial and emotional stress. It is best if you get a criminal defense attorney serving Montgomery County involved early in the process since they can ensure there are no unnecessary delays in the process. 

Experienced Criminal Attorney in Montgomery County 

When facing criminal charges in Montgomery County, you need to have an experienced attorney on your side. With a Montgomery County criminal defense attorney from Napier Law Firm, you will have legal counsel at each step of the way. We will gather evidence, prepare legal paperwork, engage in negotiation, represent you in court if necessary, and handle all other legal aspects of the criminal case proceedings.
Napier Law Firm’s experience in handling Montgomery County criminal cases has gained us a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy legal firm. Our practice areas include assault and battery, DUI/DWI, drug crimes, white-collar crimes, juvenile crimes, theft, and robbery. Allow us to fight for your rights by using our experience in Texas criminal law. We encourage you to learn more about our legal services throughout Texas and read what our previous clients said about us; check reviews. Contact us to schedule a free consultation with our Montgomery County criminal defense attorney at Napier Law Firm.

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