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Have you been the subject of a DWI arrest in Houston TX? If you are currently facing a DWI conviction in the Houston area, and especially if your case involves a car accident or personal injury, then it is crucial that you immediately get into contact with an experienced DWI lawyer who is knowledgeable about Texas DWI laws who can guide you through the legal process, help you avoid serious consequences such as license suspension, and potentially even help get your case dismissed. Whether your DWI charge is a drunk driving or drug-related case, an experienced Houston DWI attorney can help by representing you.

While there are many Houston DWI lawyers, if you are facing serious DWI charges, then you need a law firm that will provide you with the best DWI lawyer in the state of Texas. When you need quality legal representation, you should turn to the legal team of Napier Law Firm. We are committed to providing our clients with only the best legal representation in their DUI case, whether it is a first-time DWI offense or if they have a previous criminal record.

When you are facing a DWI charge, potential jail time, and potential loss of your driving privileges, then get in touch with a criminal defense attorney who will fight to obtain a favorable outcome in your DWI case. Once the time comes, make sure that you contact a Houston DWI lawyer at Napier Firm. Contact one of the most highly respected and recommended Houston DWI lawyers today.

Napier Law Firm, the Top DWI Attorney in Houston, Texas

History and background of Napier Law Firm

George Napier, lead attorney at Napier Law Firm has been involved in the legal world since his days in college, where he achieved an Academic Excellence Award from the University of Southern Mississippi and interned for the East Baton Rouge Parish District Attorney’s office and the Harris County District Attorney’s office while attending law school at Louisiana State University. 

Once he graduated from law school, George Napier worked as the Assistant District Attorney and Chief Prosecutor at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office in Texas. During his time as a prosecutor, George Napier handled many different kinds of misdemeanor cases, including DWI, drug cases such as possession of controlled substances, and various misdemeanor assaults, which has given him a significant familiarity with misdemeanor charges.

In addition to handling misdemeanor cases during his time as a prosecutor, George Napier also handled many different kinds of felony cases, such as aggravated robberies, aggravated assaults, possession of controlled substances with intent to deliver, and other felony charges. 

Handling these types of cases as a prosecutor has provided George Napier with plenty of experience and knowledge about felony cases, especially those involving DWI cases regarding both controlled substances and alcohol. This experience in DWI prosecution provided George Napier with the knowledge of how to better defend clients when they are facing criminal DWI charges.

His experience as a prosecutor has provided him with a unique perspective on the tactics prosecutors use to try and secure a conviction in their cases. By utilizing this knowledge and experience, George Napier can help build a strong defense for clients that accounts for the various different strategies that prosecutors employ in the courtroom. Place your trust in a DWI attorney who has knowledge of the opposition you will be facing and who will use that knowledge to benefit you and help ensure a favorable outcome for your case.

Our Firm’s Mission and Values

At Napier Law Firm, we believe in establishing a solid attorney-client relationship that fosters trust and confidence in our clients so that they have peace of mind and a significant decrease in stress regarding their case throughout the legal process. 

Every one of the cases handled by Napier Law Firm is given personal attention so that our clients are familiar with the charges they are facing, how George Napier plans to build their defense, and what the potential outcomes of their cases are. By interacting with our clients in this manner, Napier Law Firm instills confidence in our clients so that their experience navigating the criminal justice system is no more stressful than it already is.

Napier Law Firm has a mission to represent every client equally and with the respect that they deserve, regardless of their charges or their background. Napier Law Firm strives to protect the rights of all of our clients, working to ensure that neither law enforcement nor the court system infringes on their rights during the time clients spend in the court system. 

When you place your trust in Napier Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing that you are going to be represented in a way that protects your rights and that we will fight to achieve the best outcome for you.

One of the core values of Napier Law Firm is that everyone deserves legal representation, regardless of the type of crime they are being accused of, their background, or their financial situation. As a commitment to those ideals, Napier Law Firm provides quality legal representation to clients who are accused of a wide variety of different charges. Some of those charges include DWI, assault, and theft charges in which the client feels that they have no choice but to throw themselves at the mercy of the court and hope for the best, but fortunately, they have Napier Law Firm on their side.

Our Notable Achievements and Recognitions

During George Napier’s time at Louisiana State University, he was appointed to the Trial Advocacy Board at the Paul M. Herbert Law Center and was labeled as a Mock Trial Competition Finalist. While working at the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, George Napier was a four-time recipient of the Award for Excellence in Trial, showcasing his consistent record of success in the legal system even before he was practicing as a criminal defense attorney. 

Since becoming a criminal defense lawyer, George Napier has continued to prove that he is capable of representing clients in court, as evidenced by the numerous awards Napier Law Firm has acquired over the years.

The awards achieved by Napier Law Firm showcase our law firm’s consistent dedication to success and excellence. With multiple awards from different organizations presented to Napier Law Firm over the years, it is clear that the law firm of George Napier is a leader in the legal scene in Houston. 

You can review the various awards that have been presented to Napier Law Firm to see just how highly recommended we are not only by our previous clients but also by organizations that are dedicated to showcasing excellence in the legal profession.

Napier Law Firm has a 10.0 rating on both Avvo and Justia, which qualifies the firm as a top attorney among the attorneys rated by Avvo. Super Lawyers has named George Napier as one of their “Rising Stars,” and he was named in The National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 from 2019 to 2020. Napier Law Firm was in the top 100 of the Association of America’s Top Lawyers in 2019, as well as being a general member of the National College for DUI Defense and is one of the top-rated Houston criminal defense lawyers according to TopLocals.

Specialized Services Offered by Your Houston DWI Lawyer

Representation for DWI cases

Napier Law Firm provides quality, professional, and personal representation to defendants in DWI cases. By utilizing unique approaches to your defense, we strive to provide you with  knowledgeable representation that has the best chance to result in a favorable outcome for you if your case goes to trial. Innocence can be challenging to prove in DWI cases, especially if you have consented to breath, blood, or field sobriety tests, and so it is important that you always consult a qualified DWI attorney before submitting to any testing or questioning.

When you decide to be represented by Napier Law Firm, you have multiple years of experience, knowledge, and recognized success behind you. Napier Law Firm will tirelessly fight to protect your rights and defend you against the charges you are facing so that you can rest easy knowing that you have the best representation on your side and the best chance to avoid conviction or other penalties. You can always count on us to fight for you in the courtroom and work diligently to prove your innocence in a DWI case.

Understanding the DWI laws in Houston, TX

Before you face a DWI charge, it is important to understand DWI laws so that you can avoid a DWI in the future. If you are currently facing a DWI charge, it can be equally as important to understand what your charges are so that you know the kinds of potential penalties you are facing. Let Napier Law Firm break down the DWI laws and penalties in the state of Texas so that you are more familiar with them.

To be considered legally intoxicated in Texas, your blood alcohol concentration must meet or exceed 0.08 percent, but it is important to note that any amount of drugs or alcohol that impairs your driving can be considered breaking the law. The situation gets more complicated if you are impaired while driving with a child passenger, as you can be charged with child endangerment, be required to pay a fine of $10,000, serve up to two years of jail time, and lose your license for an additional 180 days beyond any other suspension of your license.

For your first DWI offense, you face a fine of up to $2,000, up to 180 days in jail, and the loss of your driver’s license for up to a year. A second DWI offense can result in a $4,000 fine, a month to a year spent in jail, and loss of your license for up to two years. Finally, a third DWI offense can cost you $10,000 in fines, two to ten years in prison, and can result in your license being suspended for up to two years.

Building a Strong Defense Strategy

The main goal of a DWI lawyer in Houston, Texas, is to help their client build a strong defense strategy against the evidence or testimony the prosecution has. A strong defense can help prevent defendants from serving jail time, paying costly fees, or even losing their license for an extended period of time as the result of a DWI conviction. In order to build a strong defense, an attorney needs to gather any evidence that can benefit their client, such as witness statements, police reports, test results, and potentially even bodycam footage. 

Exploring alternative options and plea bargains

Sometimes, a conviction is almost inevitable, as everyone makes mistakes from time to time, and no person is exempt from making a poor decision. Maybe you had one too many drinks, needed to get home, were pulled over, and submitted to a breath test that confirmed that you were over the legal limit for intoxication. If this is the case, you do not need to worry as not all hope is lost; there are still options that can be explored.

If your guilt is undeniable, then a skilled criminal defense attorney may be able to negotiate a plea bargain with the court that results in lesser punishments such as reduced fees, probation, treatment for alcoholism, or other alternatives. If your attorney suggests that you take a plea bargain, then it usually means that you have limited options given the evidence against you, and while it is your choice to take your attorney’s advice or not, it might be your best option. In the rare instance that your case is unlikely to result in a not guilty verdict, a skilled DWI lawyer from Napier Law Firm can help you negotiate the best possible outcome.

Guidance through the legal process and court proceedings

The legal process and being on trial in court can be incredibly stressful situations, especially if you have never had any legal trouble in the past and your DWI case is your first run-in with the law. Thankfully, a skilled lawyer from Napier Law Firm will help you navigate the complicated legal system and get you a beneficial outcome in your case. No matter what, you can count on the team at Napier Law Firm to be by your side from the beginning of the legal process all the way to the court proceedings and the end of your trial. We will be with you every step of the way.

The Experience Of Napier Law Firm, PLLC

Experience with DWI cases in Houston, TX

Since George Napier’s time as a prosecutor for the Montgomery County District Attorney’s office, he has handled countless DWI cases ranging from misdemeanors all the way to repeat offenses and felony charges. 

This previous experience as a prosecutor has helped George Napier to better understand the strategies and tactics used by prosecutors to try and secure a conviction in a DWI case. Given that he has this previous experience from the side of the prosecution, he is now able to apply that knowledge to build a strong defense for clients who are facing DWI charges.

By utilizing the years of experience he has as a prosecutor, George Napier is well-prepared to defend clients facing DWI charges in Houston and to provide them with the support they need as they navigate the legal system. 

Allow Napier Law Firm to demonstrate how years of experience in both prosecution and criminal defense can benefit your case, by providing you with a solid defense strategy that addresses your unique needs to combat the strategies employed by prosecutors. Napier Law Firm is your best choice for representation in a DWI case, given the many years of knowledge and experience within our law firm.

Deep Knowledge of Local Regulations and Law Enforcement Practices

Napier Law Firm has extensive knowledge of DWI law and the typical practices that police officers employ when they suspect someone of driving while intoxicated. These practices include the police officer needing probable cause for the traffic stop, requesting or requiring a driver to perform a series of field sobriety tests, and asking a driver to consent to a blood or breath test to determine their blood alcohol content. 

Should the driver fail one or more of the field sobriety tests, exceed the legal limit for BAC as determined by a breath or blood test, or refuse testing while appearing visually intoxicated to the officer, the police officer can arrest the driver and transport them to jail.

If you are suspected of driving while intoxicated, you should know that you do not have to submit to officer requests for field sobriety tests, a breath test, or a blood test. This can result in your being arrested, but without evidence that you were intoxicated, it can make establishing a solid DWI defense a bit easier for your criminal defense lawyer. The second thing you should do when you are suspected of driving under the influence is contact a defense attorney who can represent you during any questioning.

A successful track record of securing favorable outcomes for clients

Napier Law Firm is well-known for the favorable outcomes for our clients in their DWI cases in Houston, TX. This can be seen through the numerous accolades, awards, and positive recognitions that the firm has received over the years. 

Napier Law Firm works tirelessly to ensure that each and every client has a chance at a fair and just trial in which their rights are respected, and they receive the strongest defense possible against the charges they are facing.

You do not have to just take our word for it, you can see how many of our former clients recommend Napier Law Firm for a criminal defense case such as a DWI. Napier Law Firm consistently achieves five-star ratings from past clients, and they are a testament to the high quality of representation from our law firm. 

Any client considering representation for their DWI case should know that they can place their trust in the team at Napier Law firm because we are their best chance of a successful outcome in their case.

When you decide that Napier Law Firm is right to represent you in your case, you are committing to professional representation and a personal relationship so that George Napier can not only better understand the details of your case and your specific perspective but also provide you with the best defense strategy that is tailored to your needs and has the best chance of producing a successful outcome. Choosing us is a solid choice that you will not regret, given our proven history of successful cases and favorable outcomes for our clients.

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Client Testimonials and Success Stories Of a Houston DWI Lawyer

Showcasing satisfied clients’ experiences and outcomes

At Napier Law Firm, we have a proven track record of successful outcomes in the cases that we take on for our clients. This is evident in the number of successful DWI cases for our clients that have resulted in them avoiding time in jail, license suspension or revocation, and hefty fines. Proof of our ability to provide our clients with favorable results in their cases is our numerous five-star reviews that prove just how dedicated we are to success.

When you work with Napier Law Firm, you are choosing a team of criminal defense attorneys who are in your corner from day one, constantly advocating for your best interest to ensure that if or when your case goes to trial, you have a strong legal defense that will hopefully allow you to leave the courtroom with a positive verdict. 

Any case handled by the firm has a high chance of success, more so than cases handled by other criminal defense attorneys who might not have the same level of experience and knowledge of the team at Napier Law Firm. Placing your trust in the hands of George Napier and Napier Law Firm vastly increases your chances of achieving the outcome you are hoping for in your DWI case, such as avoiding conviction and a criminal record.

Napier Law Firm’s dedication, professionalism, and results

Every case handled by Napier Law Firm is handled with a personal touch that allows our team to get to know our clients on an individual level and understand the ins and outs of their specific cases so that we can better represent them. 

At Napier Law Firm, we are dedicated to every client who walks through our door, and we work one-on-one with them throughout the entire legal process so that they never feel as if they are lost in the court system and do not have proper advocacy. The rights of our clients are most important to us, and we strive to protect those rights, such as the right to have an attorney present for questioning, the right to remain silent, and the right to a fair and speedy trial.

Our dedication to our clients shows in the results that we achieve in our cases, where most of them end in a successful and favorable outcome for our clients. With a proven track record of success, new clients can feel confident in placing their trust in Napier Law Firm when they are facing a DWI charge in Houston. If you need a law firm that can help you navigate the complicated legal system, especially when you are facing criminal DUI charges involving drugs or alcohol, the team at Napier Law Firm is the best choice for you and your unique case.

Frequently Asked Questions About Houston DWI Lawyers

How much does a DWI attorney cost in Texas?

The cost of a defense attorney for a DUI case can vary depending on several factors, such as your case and your lawyer’s experience and track record. A more successful attorney might, but not necessarily, charge more for their services as opposed to an attorney who is inexperienced and does not have a long history of successful cases. The price of an attorney is not always an indication of the quality of legal services they provide, as some attorneys work at a lower rate and still achieve a large number of successful outcomes for their clients.

At Napier Law Firm, we charge our clients a flat rate for our services when we offer them representation to ease their legal situation. We offer a variety of different payment plans to our clients if they are unable to pay the entirety of their fee all at once to help further take the pressure off them during what is potentially the most stressful time of their lives. Other criminal defense lawyers might not offer clients this type of payment plan, and some DWI attorneys may have an entirely different payment structure that is unique to their firm.

Do I Need a Lawyer for a DWI in Texas?

A DWI lawyer is an invaluable asset to a defendant when they are facing a criminal case. Law firms such as Napier Law Firm provide defendants with representation that can help them avoid outcomes like a felony charge, administrative license revocation, and even jail time if it is the defendant’s second or third offense. Facing criminal charges for DWI on your own can lead to harsh sentences that could have been avoided.

A Houston DWI lawyer can also represent you during an Administrative License Revocation hearing (ALR hearing) to try and keep your driver’s license from being suspended. All Texas DWI cases are unique, but a qualified criminal defense lawyer can help you navigate the legal system and get your life back on track after one or more DWI cases.

Contact Napier Law Firm Today for Representation from a Huston DWI Defense Lawyer in your Impaired Driving Case

Being charged with a criminal offense such as a Houston DWI can throw your life into chaos. The possibility of your license being suspended or revoked, having to pay hefty fines or even potentially facing jail time can all lead to a large amount of stress and financial burden that you might not have been expecting. 

Thankfully, DWI lawyers can work with you in Harris County, Fort Bend County, Montgomery County, and other areas around Houston to relieve some of this stress and help get your life back in order.

A quality Houston DWI attorney such as George Napier can aid clients just like you when they are facing criminal charges for DWI. Napier Law Firm practices many different areas of criminal defenses, including cases involving domestic violence, theft, DWI, and assault. You can explore our practice areas for detailed information on their experience in various legal matters.

Napier Law Firm is happy to put you in direct contact with a DWI attorney who will work personally on your case to ensure that every one of your needs is met and that your expectations are exceeded. 

While other legal professionals may see you as just another number, the criminal defense attorneys in Houston at Napier Law Firm will take special interest in your case and make sure that you are protected in the legal system. For a free consultation on your case, fill out our form online and get in contact with The Napier Law Firm today.

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