Criminal record

Conroe Expunctions Lawyer

No one is perfect. It’s human nature to make mistakes. 

Everyone also deserves a second chance. Suppose your past mistakes are jeopardizing your ability to find gainful employment, apply for a loan, or rent a home. In that case, you may be interested in a Conroe criminal record expunction lawyer to help clear your name along with your path to a better, happier future. 

You may not even know what your criminal record holds. An experienced expunctions attorney can let you know if there are any charges or arrests that are on your record—even if you haven’t been charged for a crime. 

Your attorney can help clear your record and uphold your reputation so you can move forward with your life. Expunction guarantees that your record is thoroughly cleaned and doesn’t reflect any arrests as long as you have not been convicted or put on probation. 

Call your Conroe expunctions attorney today to find out if you are eligible. 

Reasons Why You Might Want to Expunge Your Record

If you have been cleared or acquitted of a crime, then you deserve a clean slate. For most people, a clear record can provide:

  • More employment opportunities
  • More housing opportunities
  • Education opportunities
  • Clearing the stigma that comes with a criminal record
  • Protecting your reputation

People can change and get better over the years. We should be able to evolve beyond a mistake in the past. For many people, positive growth can happen after an arrest or charges. By expunging your criminal record, you get a fighting chance for a better, fairer life. 

How Others View Criminal Records

A mistake you made years ago could make people think worse of you without understanding you. 

For example, if you are applying for a job, your potential employer might throw out your application due to a criminal past. An expunction in Texas could mean that they don’t have to be informed of your criminal record, notably if you have reformed and have proved to courts that you have become a respectable member of society. 

Agencies that can still access your records will be able to see that you have successfully applied for an expunction or non-disclosure. While having an arrest on your record can have a social stigma, it is far less damaging than a conviction.

Are You Eligible for a Criminal Record Expunction?

Unfortunately, not every criminal record is eligible for an expunction. Before petitioning the courts for an expunction, you should seek the legal services of an expunction lawyer in Conroe to find out if you are eligible.

In Texas, the following criminal records are not eligible to be expunged:

  • An arrest that results in a guilty verdict
  • An arrest that results in community service or probation outside of Class C misdemeanors
  • Dismissed criminal charges that are still within the statute of limitations time frame

The following charges are eligible for expunction:

  • An arrest where an individual was not charged
  • Dismissed criminal charges
  • Criminal charges that are found not guilty
  • Criminal charges that are acquitted
  • An accidental arrest
  • No-billed cases

It’s important to remember that expunction filing fees are non-refundable, so having an expunctions lawyer who knows Texas laws can be critical. 

Dismissed Criminal Charges and No-Billed Cases

If your case was dismissed or the grand jury did not indict you, then your record may be expunged once the statute of limitations ends. The statute of limitations timeframe typically starts on the date of the offense. For misdemeanors, this period is two years. For felonies, the law of limitations period can vary according to the nature of the charge. 

Not Guilty Cases

If you have been found not guilty of a criminal charge in Conroe, then you can have your record expunged. Please note that this process does not happen automatically. You will need to start by filing with a lawyer. 

Class C Deferred Adjudications

You may be eligible for an expunction if you have received deferred adjudication for a Class C offense.  A Class C offense is the least severe of misdemeanors, there/s never any jail time associated and the maximum fine is $500. Examples of Class C misdemeanors include:

  • Theft of an object less than $50 in value
  • Simple assault
  • Traffic tickets
  • Disorderly conduct

A Conroe Expunction Lawyer is Available to Help You

Depending on the specifics of your charges, you may be eligible to have your criminal record expunged. Call a Conroe expunction lawyer at The Napier Law Firm today to arrange a free consultation. The legal process of having your record expunged or sealed can be complex. An experienced lawyer can take the lead on your behalf. 

Go over your available options for clearing your reputation and name so that a criminal charge from your past cannot impact your hopes for the future.