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We all get caught up in situations and make wrong choices we don’t intend to. As a result, some people end up with criminal records that haunt them for the rest of their lives.

Are Galveston County employers considering other people over you due to your criminal record? Are you facing difficulties getting housing or securing a loan due to your criminal record?

A Galveston County expungement lawyer can help you overcome the challenges you face due to your criminal record. They can provide you with a fresh start, assisting you in clearing your criminal record. Schedule a free consultation and discuss your situation with us. We have helped many people across Galveston County get their criminal records expunged.

Why Napier Law Firm Can Be Your Best Choice for Your Expungement

Napier Law firm has been helping Texans for years to defend themselves and secure their futures, whether it’s:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Expungement of criminal records

Because our founder used to work with a district attorney’s office, he is well versed with the criminal justice system and the tactics prosecutors present in expungement hearings. He uses his extensive experience to protect your best interests and get you expunction relief.

The district attorney’s office awarded him for his excellence in criminal trials four times. Furthermore, legal directories rank him for his criminal law expertise and track record of success:

  • Avvo rating – 10/10
  • Justia rating – 10/10
  • Super Lawyers – Rising Star
  • National trial lawyers – Top 40 under 40

When you decide to work with Napier Law Firm for your expungement needs, you can expect personalized attention and all the support you need. We can:

  • Handle all legal paperwork
  • Represent you in the expungement hearing
  • Ensure a court order is sent to relevant agencies to delete your criminal history

Call us today to schedule a free consultation with an experienced Galveston County, TX, expungement lawyer. We can help you get your records cleaned and regain freedom.

Who Qualifies for Expungement

Texas laws qualify you for expungement if the law enforcement agencies:

  • Arrested you and filed charges, but your case didn’t go to trial and was dismissed by the court
  • Arrested you, filed charges, and brought your case to trial. But the court didn’t find you guilty or acquitted you
  • Brought your case to the trial, and the court found you guilty. However, the appellate court overturned the lower court decision and found you not guilty
  • Arrested you, brought your case to the trial, and the court found you guilty. But you received a pardon from the governor 
  • Arrested you, filed felony charges, and brought your case to trial. However, the grand jury decided not to indict you
  • Arrested you, but you completed pretrial diversion programs
  • Arrested you mistakenly due to identity theft or arrested someone else who used your identity to commit a crime. As a result, you have criminal convictions on your record even though you didn’t commit any crime

Texas law disqualifies you from getting expunged records in case of:

  • Deferred adjudication
  • Parole

Both are community supervision, and the court grants them as an alternative to jail. You don’t go to jail, but they leave a mark on your record.

Even in deferred adjudication, you plead guilty and do not contest the criminal charge against you. As a result, the court shows leniency, deferring your case and asking you to complete community service.

Different Treatment for Certain Misdemeanor Offenses

Texas laws allow you to expunge your criminal record even if you received a deferred adjudication order for a Class C misdemeanor.

Class C misdemeanor offenses are less serious and include:

  • Public intoxication
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Minor drug offenses
  • Traffic violations

Texas expungement laws are complex. It’s difficult to determine whether you qualify for expungement.

Many Galveston County residents believe they don’t qualify for expungement due to its limited criteria. But when they discuss their situation with our experienced expungement lawyers, many residents are surprised to learn that they qualify. If they don’t, we find them other options to get rid of criminal records, such as sealing their records.

Call us today to discuss your situation with our experienced expungement attorneys and find out if you qualify for expungement or any other options to clear your criminal records.

When Can You Apply for Expungement?

You have to wait for a particular time before you’re eligible for expungement. The waiting period varies depending on the offenses you have on your criminal record and its treatment by the court.

Every criminal offense has a different statute of limitation period. When it expires, you can file for your expunction petition. Furthermore, you can file for expunction when the court directs a verdict in your favor and finds you not guilty.

However, if the prosecutor does not file charges against you, you can file for expunction after:

  • One year from the arrest for Class A and Class B misdemeanors
  • 180 days from the arrest for Class C misdemeanors
  • Three years from the arrest for felony

Erase Your Criminal Record With Napier Law Firm

At Napier Law Firm, we believe it’s unfair to let past mistakes follow us for the rest of our lives. Everyone deserves a chance to move forward with their life. Our criminal justice system is meant to reform society, not to punish solely.Our whole team works tirelessly to get you the best possible relief available in your situation so you can regain your freedom and have a clean record. Contact us today to discuss your situation with our Galveston expungement attorneys and learn if you qualify for expungement or other options to clear your criminal record. If you are facing other criminal charges, reach out to our knowledgeable and experienced criminal defense team in Galveston County for assistance.


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