Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

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Criminal Defense Lawyer Houston

When you need a criminal defense lawyer near Houston TX, you should seek the most experienced one in the area. Your legal defense needs to be as solid as possible throughout your time in the legal system to give you the best chance at achieving a not-guilty verdict.

George Napier will be your criminal defense attorney when you are facing criminal charges in the Houston area. George Napier is an experienced defense lawyer with an in-depth understanding of criminal law and works hard to represent clients in the court system when they are accused of a criminal offense. Whether you are being charged with sex crimes, drug crimes, state crimes, a white collar crime, federal charges, felony charges, domestic violence charges, or any other type of criminal charge, then your legal rights must be respected.

If you are at risk of being saddled with a permanent criminal record, then you must receive quality legal services from a knowledgeable attorney who will take a personal interest in your case and guide you through the complex criminal justice system. When you need a Houston criminal defense attorney who will fight tirelessly for you and your rights, turn to George Napier of Napier Law Firm. You can further explore the benefits of hiring a criminal defense lawyer by visiting us online.

Defending Clients in Criminal Cases 

DUI and DWI Defense

Napier Law Firm represents clients who have been charged with DUI or DWI. It is important to have quality legal representation that will fight against any charges to get a not-guilty verdict. When you are facing a DUI or DWI charge in Houston, it is important to never admit guilt and to always contact a criminal defense attorney before submitting to any questioning.

Drug Possession and Distribution

Drug charges can be complicated depending on the type of drug involved, the quantity, and the situation surrounding the arrest. Depending on what drug you are accused of possessing, and if you were arrested under certain circumstances, such as if you had a large amount, you could be charged with intent to distribute, which can have heavier charges than simple possession. Never submit to any questioning without a drug possession attorney present.

Theft and Property Crimes

Theft allegations can be challenging to prove, particularly if the accused doesn’t have the stolen items in their possession. If you’re facing theft or property charges in Houston, it’s essential to retain a lawyer who prioritizes your best interests. Additionally, if you’re involved in a burglary case, having competent legal representation becomes even more critical.

Assault and Domestic Violence

Napier Law Firm is well-versed in criminal defense law firm and can help you when you have been accused of assault in Houston. Facing accusations of violence can be a complicated subject to navigate, especially on your own, and other Houston criminal defense lawyers might not have the experience necessary to provide you with the strong legal defense required for these cases.

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes are not as common as misdemeanor crimes such as petty theft and simple drug possession. If you are facing a complex white-collar crime case such as fraud, you should find a qualified attorney who has your best interests in mind.

Sex Crimes

Few crimes can tarnish a person’s reputation as much as a sex crime. Being falsely accused of a sex crime can ruin a person’s life and destroy their personal and professional relationships. Contact Napier Law Firm when you are accused of a sex crime; we will fight for your rights. 

Homicide and Manslaughter

Some of the most serious accusations a person can face are those involving the death of another individual. If you are accused of homicide or manslaughter, you need quality legal representation to help you avoid the penalties.

Juvenile Offenses

A young person might make mistakes. If your child is facing charges as a juvenile in Houston, Texas, you need a qualified attorney to help you navigate the court system.

Expunction and Record Sealing

Applying for certain jobs or purchasing firearms may require a criminal background check. Napier Law Firm can help you expunge previous charges from your record so that when your background is checked in the future, your past will not haunt you.

To better understand the consequences of a criminal record, learn how our expungement lawyer in Houston can help you clear your record.

A Personalized Approach to Legal Representation

Thorough Case Evaluation

Napier Law Firm takes special interest in all our clients. We go the extra mile by obtaining statements from individuals like witnesses, the arresting officer, obtaining police reports, and doing thorough research on all of the options available to our clients so that their needs can be met.

Building Strong Defense Strategies

Napier Law Firm works directly with our clients to build a solid defense. We provide our clients with ironclad legal representation to represent them during their time in the justice system.

Negotiating with Prosecutors

If your case will be negotiated with prosecutors inside or outside of the courtroom, you can trust Napier Law Firm to have your best interests in mind. We will negotiate tirelessly to get the best deal possible in your case.

Effective Courtroom Advocacy

Spending time in court can be a stressful experience, especially if you are facing criminal charges. When the time comes for your case to go to trial, you need a solid defense attorney who will represent your best interests and fight f to make sure you receive fair treatment by the legal system.

Exploring Alternative Resolutions

Sometimes, the evidence that the prosecution presents is hard to dispute. In cases where guilt is much harder to disprove, you have alternatives to pleading guilty and accepting whatever sentence the court hands down. Instead of accepting a guilty plea, clients have the option of negotiating plea deals with the court to reduce jail time, fines, and other penalties that they might be facing in their case. 

The Experience of Our Local Houston Criminal Defense Law Firm

George Napier has years of experience in the legal world and extensive knowledge of legal matters. Before George Napier became a Houston criminal attorney, he served as the assistant district attorney of Montgomery County as well as chief prosecutor. As a former chief prosecutor, George Napier has experience with the criminal justice system and knows how to build a solid defense for clients who are facing criminal charges.

One of the key differences between Napier Law Firm and other law firms is our commitment to taking a personal approach with each client. When you choose Napier Law Firm, you can rest easy knowing that your case is being handled on a one-on-one basis.

Client Testimonials About Our Criminal Defense Law Firm

Napier Law Firm is proud to have a solid five-star rating from previous clients. George Napier is described by former clients as compassionate, diligent, and professional. Allow Napier Law Firm to show you why George Napier is so highly regarded by former clients and how his track record of success can benefit you.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Defense Attorneys in Houston, TX

What do most criminal defense lawyers focus on?

Many criminal defense attorneys focus on cases such as drug possession, sexual assault, immigration status, or building a solid DWI defense. Sometimes, even if you are proven guilty, a solid criminal defense lawyer can help negotiate a plea bargain to decrease your sentence. A successful plea deal can seriously impact the time you serve or the fines you are required to pay.

What is the opposite of a criminal defense lawyer?

The opposite of a Houston criminal defense lawyer is a prosecutor. A prosecutor usually works on behalf of the state in criminal cases or the plaintiff in a civil case. Prosecutors are responsible for proving that the defendant is guilty of the charges they are facing.

How much does a criminal defense lawyer charge in the US?

Each criminal defense lawyer varies in how much they are paid for their services. Some lawyers, if they have a track record of successful verdicts for their clients, feel comfortable charging more for their services. Lawyers who are new to the field and do not have a long history of successful cases might charge their clients less for their representation.

What is the purpose of a defense attorney?

A defense attorney serves to represent their client in court, whether that be local, state, or federal courts. No matter the level at which the client is facing charges, a defense attorney’s goal is to produce a successful outcome for their client. If you are facing criminal charges, then you can navigate the legal process with guidance from a Houston criminal lawyer by visiting Napier Law Firm online.

Contact The Napier Firm Today for Your Criminal Defense Case 

Napier Law Firm sets itself apart from other Houston criminal defense attorneys by taking a personal interest in every one of the cases that come through our doors. 

While other criminal defense lawyers might see you as just another number, the law offices of George Napier will work with you on a one-on-one basis to help you not only craft a solid criminal defense but also understand your rights as an individual who is the subject of a criminal investigation. When you need quality legal support in your criminal case, turn to an experienced attorney who will fight tirelessly to represent you.

Unlike other criminal lawyers, George Napier handles criminal cases with a personal touch that sets him apart. When you need a defense attorney in Harris County, Montgomery County, or the surrounding areas in Houston, place your trust in George Napier. Let a qualified criminal defense law firm represent you in your unique case.

Once you decide that it is time to hire a top rated criminal defense attorney in Houston, you can visit Napier Law Firm online and fill out our easy contact form for a free consultation on your case. Do not hesitate when you are facing misdemeanor charges, federal crimes, or are being accused of another criminal offense. Contact the law office of George Napier of Napier Law Firm today.

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