Drug Possession Lawyer in Conroe, TX

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Drug Possession Lawyer in Conroe, TX

Drug possession charges are taken extremely seriously in Conroe, TX, and other cities in Montgomery County. If you are found with controlled substances, you could face severe penalties. The consequences can have a long-term negative impact on your life, and you may never be able to fully recover from a drug possession conviction. However, our criminal defense lawyer can help you fight the drug possession charges. At Napier Law Firm, we have the experience, legal knowledge, and resources to build a strong defense against drug possession charges. 

Drug Possession Laws In Conroe, TX

The state of Texas categorizes controlled substances into different penalty groups. This means that if you possess a substance with a higher potential for abuse, you would face more severe penalties. Possession of substances from Penalty Group 1 has the most severe penalties, while Penalty Group 4 has the least severe penalties. 

Penalty Group 1 substances include cocaine, methamphetamine, and heroin. Penalty Group 4 substances include small amounts of depressants or stimulants. Many substances fall in between these two categories, including dangerous chemicals and prescription medications.  

The possession of a controlled substance is typically charged as a felony in Texas; however, the charges depend on several factors including the amount of substance and the prior history of the defendant. 

There are also Drug-Free Zones in Texas to protect minors from drug-related activities. If you are found with drugs in these areas, you will likely face more severe penalties. Possession of marijuana is also illegal in Conroe, TX but penalties can be less severe compared to other controlled substances. You can discuss your case with our drug possession attorney in Conroe, TX, who is well-versed in Texas drug laws and defending against criminal charges. 

Legal Defense To Drug Possession Charges in Montgomery County

The most commonly used legal defense to drug crimes such as drug possession charges is lack of knowledge. The prosecution has to prove that not only did you possess drugs, but that you were aware of them and had control over them. 

Another commonly used defense is unlawful search and seizure. Law enforcement officers are prohibited under the Fourth Amendment from conducting unreasonable searches or seizures. They must have probable cause or a warrant. 

There are several other defenses, including improper chain of custody and entrapment. Drug possession attorneys can guide you on the best legal defense for your case. As each case is unique, a Conroe drug possession defense attorney will have to evaluate the specifics of your case to determine your best legal options. 

Consult A Criminal Defense Attorney In Conroe, TX

We understand that it can be nerve-wracking to be charged with a drug possession crime. However, you are innocent until proven guilty.  Allow us to build a strong defense against the drug charges. 

At The Napier Law Firm, we handle a wide range of criminal cases, including drug possession charges in Conroe, TX. This includes cases that involve transportation of prescription drugs across state lines, forged prescriptions, possession of drugs without prescription, and more. Explore Napier Law Firm, PLLC’s experience in drug crimes. When you are ready, contact us to schedule a consultation with an experienced drug possession lawyer. For more information on drug possession laws, visit drug possession lawyers in Houston, TX.

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