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Montgomery County Expungement Lawyer

Is your criminal record holding you back? Are Montgomery County employers rejecting you and banks denying you loans or charging higher interest rates?

A past arrest for DWI, minor drug offenses, or other crimes should not define your future. Texas law allows you to expunge many offenses, giving you a clean slate.

As a result, you can finally have the life you want without your record getting in the way. A criminal record can keep you from securing:

  • Housing
  • A job
  • Custody of your child

A Montgomery County expungement lawyer can help you clear your criminal record. Don’t wait—contact us today and discuss your case. We have helped many people in Montgomery County and across Texas remove their criminal records and regain freedom.

Why Trust Napier Law Firm for Your Expungement in Montgomery County?

George Napier founded Napier Law Firm to help people defend their rights. He believes the criminal justice system was established to help people—not just punish them.

However, working with the Montgomery County prosecuting attorney’s office, he realized that the current justice system wasn’t always fulfilling its purpose due to a lack of resources and reformation efforts. That’s why he established the Napier Law Firm and has been helping people defend their rights in the Texas court system and move forward in their lives.

Using his former experience and knowledge, he has helped hundreds of people in Montgomery County expunge their criminal records. Additionally, he knows the ins and outs of the criminal justice system of Montgomery County. The Montgomery County District Attorney’s office awarded him four times for excellence in trial.

Listen to what Montgomery County residents have to say about Napier Law Firm:

“Navigating the court system can be a scary thing. With George Napier, you can count on compassion, diligence, and professionalism. I will refer everyone I know to the Napier Law Firm! God willing, we won’t need a criminal lawyer again. But if we do, he will forever be our first call. Thank you, Mr. Napier!” – Reyna

The legal directories also recognize Napier Law Firm’s criminal defense expertise:

  • Avvo and Justia – 10 out of 10
  • National Trial Lawyers – Top 40
  • Super Lawyers – Rising Star

Call us to schedule a free consultation and discuss your situation with an experienced Montgomery County, TX, expungement lawyer. We can help you dispose of your criminal record and start a new chapter in your life.

Who Can Get an Expunction?

Texas expungement laws allow you to clear your criminal record, but only in certain circumstances.

  • The court dismissed your case.
  • The court didn’t find you guilty of the crimes they arrested you for.
  • You were successful in your criminal appeals
  • The grand jury declined to indict you or bill you.
  • You were found guilty, but the governor pardoned you.
  • You completed a pre-trial diversion program.
  • You had a criminal conviction on your record due to identity theft. In other words, they stole your identity and committed a crime on your behalf.

Class C Misdemeanors

Class C misdemeanor offenses are minors, and Texas expungement laws treat them differently.

You can remove a Class C misdemeanor offense from the record if the court granted you deferred adjudication and you completed it.

However, if the court granted you deferred adjudication for other offenses—Class A and B misdemeanors and felonies—criminal law disqualifies you from getting an expungement. Deferred adjudication and parole are community services, and the court grants them as an alternative to prison.

Texas expungement laws are complex but allow you to have the life you want if you pursue your case correctly. Contact us to discuss your case and see if you qualify for expungement.

Our expungement attorneys have helped many people in Montgomery County clear their criminal history and move forward in their lives. If you qualify for expungement, we can help you seal your arrest records and have the life you want.

Time Lag For Filing an Expunction

If the prosecutor didn’t file criminal charges against you, you must wait for a specific time before filing your expunction petition. The time depends on the nature of the offense they arrested you for:

  • Class A and B misdemeanors – One year
  • Class C misdemeanor – 180 days
  • Felony – Three years

However, if they decide to file charges against you, you must wait until the court proceeding is over or the statute of limitations for that offense expires.

Remove Your Criminal Records with Napier Law Firm

Your criminal record can stop you from moving on in life, limiting opportunities, and impacting crucial matters.

Let an experienced expungement lawyer handle your case and ensure that your past never dictates your future. We can help you remove your criminal records. No one—even government agencies—will find anything if they conduct criminal background checks.

Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with a Montgomery County, TX, expungement lawyer. If you’re confronting additional criminal charges in Montgomery County and require a criminal defense attorney, our firm is committed to delivering tailored representation designed to address your unique circumstances.


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