Author: George Napier

What Is Reckless Driving in Texas? – Detailed Explanation

Driving a vehicle carelessly over the posted speed limit can cause serious consequences. That’s why reckless driving is punishable, to reduce its occurrence and thus increase the safety of individuals as well as property. In this article, we’ll explain the definition of reckless driving in Texas and how it’s penalized. We’ll even go over specific […]

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Suppressed License in Texas? A Motion to Suppress DWI Could Help Your Case

DWIs are a serious crime in Texas, and the consequences of a conviction can be severe. However, not all DWI charges are based on a proper judgment. In that case, you can challenge the evidence against you. If you have a suppressed license from a DWI arrest, a motion to suppress could help with your […]

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When Can a Police Officer Search My Car?

In Texas, a police officer can search your car if they have probable cause to believe that there is evidence of a crime in the vehicle, or if you give them consent to search the car. Additionally, if the officer makes a lawful arrest, they can search the car incident to the arrest. Finally, if […]

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