Practice Areas

Practice Areas: The Comprehensive Legal Services of Napier Law Firm

Practice Areas

At Napier Law Firm we focus on criminal defense, providing dedicated legal services to individuals facing legal challenges. With our team of highly experienced attorneys, we navigate the complexities of criminal cases, ensuring robust representation to protect your rights.

If you are facing criminal charges, our team has experience defending against a wide range of criminal charges, including drug crimes, DUI/DWI, theft, property crimes, and more. Our legal services also include defending clients against other types of violent crimes, such as assault and battery. 

Each of our practice areas for criminal cases requires specialized knowledge and skills, which we have acquired through extensive experience in a wide range of cases. The services of Napier Law Firm are available to clients across Texas. If you want to schedule a consultation with one of our attorneys, you are welcome to contact us. 

We advise engaging our attorneys in the early stages of the legal process to maximize their impact on your case. Our team comprises experienced criminal defense lawyers dedicated to providing legal assistance tailored to your needs. 

Napier Law Firm is here to guide you through the legal process and fight for your rights as we provide personal, caring service and outstanding legal representation for all types of Criminal Cases.


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