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Poss CS PG 3: Detailed Explanation

According to a report by the Gulf Coast Addiction Technology Transfer Center, around 1.5% of all cases admitted to DSHS-funded treatment programs in early 2005 were abusing depressant drugs. It’s also estimated that 0.2% of Texans over the age of 12 used sedatives. While these estimates trace back to 2002–2004, abuse of CNS depressants or […]

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Poss CS PG 2: All You Need to Know

Did you know that ecstasy (MDMA) is one of the most common club drugs in Texas? PCP and Adderall are also high up on the list of abused substances. Aside from their addictive nature, one thing that all these drugs have in common is that they can all lead to a Poss CS PG 2 […]

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Medical Marijuana in Texas

Medical marijuana laws in Texas have come a long way in recent years, with the state’s Compassionate Use Program providing access to medical cannabis for certain qualifying patients. As a criminal law firm, it’s important for us to stay informed about how these laws can impact our clients. In this blog post, we will discuss […]

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