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How to Expunge a Misdemeanor in Texas

Having a criminal record can have serious consequences on one’s life. They have trouble dealing with anything that requires a criminal background check. This includes jobs, mortgages, education, and housing. However, we believe that a mistake or a moment of bad judgment shouldn’t hinder anyone from moving on with their life. They shouldn’t have trouble […]

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How to Expunge Criminal Record in Texas (A Step-By-Step Guide)

Committing a crime or misdemeanor in Texas will get you a fine or prison time, among other punishments. The problem is that those actions can haunt you in every background check. Not only that, but past convictions can lead to your termination once disclosed at work! Luckily, you can file for an expunction to clear […]

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Criminal Mischief in Texas

An innocent mistake can be construed as a malicious act of criminal mischief. For example, a silly prank among teens could lead to serious consequences. Also, ill-intentioned people might cause severe damage to your property, which requires accountability. Whether you’re on the initiating or receiving end of such incidents, it’s best to be informed on […]

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